Disney World for Adults

Wondering if an adults only trip to Disney World is a good idea? 

So you were toying with the idea of planning a Disney World vacation with just adults…

…and then you found the sites.

You know the ones.

The ones with reviews of things like ice cream cones and mouse ears, all while animations and a million other things display on the page.

Endless acronyms that you couldn’t follow or understand.

You closed out and said, “Forget it.”

I get it: that stuff scares me, too.

Can you just be a normal adult who wants a fun escape without it being some all-consuming thing?

You don’t have to eat, sleep and breathe Disney to have a fun vacation. It doesn’t require a PhD in trip planning, and you certainly don’t have to act like a cult member to go, have fun, and go on about your life.

I have compiled a guide here just for adults who want to visit Disney World, whether it’s a group of you, or just a couples vacation. No reviews of kiddie or completely family-centric stuff, and the straight facts on the places I recommend if you want to experience everything Disney has to offer for adults (which is a surprising amount). I had to learn, and once I did, I realized it wasn’t as hard as a lot of sites make it out to be.

If you are completely new to Disney World, I’d start with the newbies guide – it’ll take you through the first, top 3 decisions you need to make about your vacation.

I also LOVE the feedback I receive, and the suggestions for content, so please keep those coming. This site is for YOU, and any other adult who wants to plan a Disney World trip – your input is the most valuable. You can reach out anytime, I’d love to hear from you!