Disney Restaurants for Adults

We’ve tried many of the restaurants on property, though we still haven’t gotten to all of them! There are a LOT of restaurant options, and some are pretty pricey, so I feel like the recommendations here are even more important. No sense busting your budget on something mediocre or swarmed with kids if you’re looking to have a grown-up centered meal!

Best Restaurants by Park Location

If you love a good glass of wine and amazing food, you’ll be delighted at some of the options Disney World has.

For more information about how dining reservations work, or the other types of food options, check out that part of our Newbie Guide.

Magic Kingdom Restaurants

Magic Kingdom has two main restaurants I recommend that are more adult-friendly vs. catering to families and kids. The majority of the park is quick service, catering to families with smaller kids, so adult-focused pickens were VERY slim up until the last few years.

Epcot Restaurants

Epcot has the most adult-focused dining options out of all the parks. The World Showcase, which runs in a semi-circle at the back of Epcot, features cuisine from all over the world. Dining experiences vary greatly from a rousing, community atmosphere to a quiet steakhouse.

From a park perspective, Epcot will have the most in-park options for adults visiting Disney World.

Animal Kingdom Restaurants

Animal Kingdom has options with Asian and African influence. These are the options we are least familiar with so far, but I have some trusted recommendations to share!

Hollywood Studios Restaurants

Despite my current misgivings about the park itself, it has quite a few restaurants are the sole reasons we pop into the park.

They are themed, but very fun, and not cartoon or character focused. 

Resort Restaurants

These are the hidden gems within Disney’s property – foodies rejoice! They tend to be more unknown to folks who don’t stay on-property, so you don’t usually have to battle quite so hard to get a table at one.