Best Deluxe Disney World Resorts

Disney World’s deluxe resorts sit very close to the parks, so part of deciding on one should be tied to where you think you’ll spend the most time.

One of the most confusing aspects of Disney World Resort is where things are in relation to each other. I’ve simplified this for you below, listing options by home resort, along with the pros and cons of each. You may also want to grab my one-sheeters on the deluxe hotels so you can easily understand their features.

All of the deluxe resort options are very adult-friendly. The ratio of screaming kids at tends to be less – probably because it’s easy to go to and from the park for naps!

Magic Kingdom Deluxe Resorts

Just in front of the Magic Kingdom is a huge lake called the Seven Seas Lagoon. All the deluxe resorts for the easiest Magic Kingdom access are located around it. 

The ratio of screaming kids at tends to be less – probably because it’s easy to go to and from the park for naps!

Real talk: Magic Kingdom may wind up being where you spend the least amount of time. It’s the most family-focused with the largest amount of visitors per park, and the most kid-focused stuff. That said, I love the deluxe resorts in the immediate area. The monorail is sooooo convenient, the resorts have fabulous restaurants and bars, and the ambiance in each of them is delightful. 

The Grand Floridian

grand floridian hotel disney world


  • beautiful
  • great and varied restaurants
  • lovely views of the lake, monorail, and castle
  • easy monorail access


  • Expensive
  • last stop on the monorail to Magic Kingdom, so it can be crowded at peak times!

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The Contemporary

contemporary hotel disney world


  • sleek design/minimalist theming
  • monorail access
  • great restaurant on the top floor
  • convenient for monorail transfers to Epcot
  • walking distance to Magic Kingdom
  • views of the fireworks,
  • lake activities such as fishing and boat rentals


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  • Chef Mickey’s is on the main floor, which can cause crowding and a lot of noise from kids.

Wilderness Lodge


  • Very quiet, tucked back on a more private area of the Seven Seas Lagoon
  • beautiful interior if you like the feel of a lodge
  • fantastic restaurant on property
  • walking/running trail
  • access to the campgrounds for fishing, boat rentals
  • boats will take you to Magic Kingdom, which is a lovely ride with usually a nice, cool breeze.


  • No monorail, so you either need to take buses or the boat to Magic Kingdom to connect you where you need to go
  • No view of the castle or park

Polynesian Resort


  • Beautifully renovated lobby
  • Great restaurant options
  • Adults-only bar option
  • White sandy beach
  • Amazing views of Magic Kingdom fireworks
  • Monorail access to Magic Kingdom
  • 5 minute walk to Epcot monorail vs. having to transfer like everyone else


  • Lobby and pools can get kid-heavy and noisy

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Epcot Deluxe Resorts

Beach Club and/or Yacht Club

beach club hotel disney world

These two are right next to each other, so the benefits are the same. The decor feels very adult and sophisticated.


  • beautiful
  • mature-feeling
  • quieter than other resorts (see below note about Boardwalk Inn)
  • pool with a sandy bottom and bar service
  • walking distance to a back entrance of Epcot that isn’t as busy and puts you right at World Showcase


  • Parks other than Epcot are not easily accessible – you will have to rely mostly on buses.

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Boardwalk Inn

Disney Boardwalk InnThis resort sits across the water directly from Beach Club and Yacht Club, so it’s very similar in pros/cons to those locations. It’s themed after old-time Atlantic City.

There is one thing that could be a pro OR a con, depending on your tastes: activity level. Boardwalk is nice because it’s a fun area, with walkable, fast access to ESPN Zone and Jellyrolls, plus the yummy bakery.

That comes at the price of it being somewhat busy and noisier. It acts as a destination spot for other nearby resorts, and even off-property guests come for entertainment. Some people love the energy, and others want a quieter time, so decide based on your preferences.

All three of these resorts are within walking distance of each other, so you can take advantage of all the resort restaurants we recommend in Epcot area.

Animal Kingdom Deluxe Resorts

Animal Kingdom Lodge

This is a deluxe resort but it is NOT close to the entrance of any park. No other deluxe resort has that situation, and it has some drawbacks, namely it’s not convenient to get to and from the parks. 

animal kingdom lodge disney world


  • it’s very grand, and completely unlike anywhere else in Disney World
  • beautiful woodwork
  • fantastic dining options
  • Savannah views (aniiimaaaaaaals!)
  • night safari vision
  • if you don’t want to feel like you’re at Disney World, you probably won’t


  • buses are the only transportation, even to Animal Kingdom itself
  • due to the environment needed for the animals, it’s set much further out from the other areas of Disney, which means longer times to get anywhere
  • because of the jungle/wood theme, the decor can feel very dark
  • Savannah views are pricey, but actually seeing animals from your room is hit or miss

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